My entire life I have been obsessed with creating images. My first memories of photography are being dragged along on shoots with my mother who at the time was a wedding, portrait and maternity photographer. For school projects, we would often expose photographic paper with objects placed on top to create shadow prints.
Fast forward 20 years and I am just rediscovering the art of using film. While I don't do any wet printing, all of my photography is now film based (I'm trying to sell my digital equipment). While I currently use the Mamiya 645 system, I am hoping to dive even further in and begin working with 4X5 and 617 in the near future. Although I do currently use only film, some of the images on this website were captured with digital equipment.
I am also a ski coach and instructor, mountain biker, fly fisher and bike mechanic. I live in a mecca for all of these passions; Truckee CA. 
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